Keep Calm and use Recycled Yarn

I rarely buy knitting Magazines at the newsstand. Most of the time I feel like they are still talking about an old style of knitting. Still pretty much all the garments knit in pieces, and no taking into consideration hand dyed yarns or the like.

However, I recently made an exception for “Stricktrends” magazine. Firstly, because I liked the design on the front page. Something a bit out of the ordinary and something I could see myself wearing and secondly, because they had an article about yarns, that are partly or entirely produced from recycled fibers.

There is a lot of talk concerning non-superwash yarns, breed specific yarns, or so- called rustic yarns. There are also people who buy second-hand sweaters and unravel them to knit something new. But until now I’ve never really heard pepole talk about recycled yarns. And I think there is a huge potential here. A yarn that isn’t demanding new resources, but one that is using materials already inside the fiber- and fashion industry cycles, giving them a second life.

The yarns featured in the article are:

The one’s I’m most curious about and would like to try out, are the Pascuali and the ggh one. And at some point I do plan to knit myself a jumper with the Cashsoft Baby by Lang Yarns.
Do you know of any more recycled yarns or have tried some? I would love to hear about it in the comments section.

xx Tina

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