US-Road Trip Part I: A bag full of yarn

My sisters are the best. They might not get my love for yarn and knitting, but they do go to yarn shops for me anyway. One of them walked through half of Amsterdam to get me a souvenir from Stephen & Penelope this spring. The other one greeted me at San Francisco International with a bag full of treats she picked out for me at House of Yarn in Nashville. There are worse ways to be greeted after nearly 24h of traveling.

I knew what I was getting, as I had shown her some pictures of Fades and told her to pick something for me. And we actually ended up having a video call, when she was at House of Yarn, to discuss the different possibilities she had prepared with the help of the lady at the store. But still, to see the yarns for myself and hold them, was so amazing. I might have spent a good moment cuddling them, trying out different combinations and taking pictures.

The next day, before getting the RV, we had some sightseeing planed and by pure coincidence there happened to be a yarn store on our path 😉 As I was in charge of the itinerary, you will begin to see a pattern there. Luckily my family didn’t mind that much.

So, we made a stop at Imagiknits. I must admit that I was totally overwhelmed. I’m not used to this kind of yarn stores. With such a large choice of different yarns, yarns I’d never seen in person until then, still a bit Jetlagged. It was a lot to take in. I ended up walking around the store in a daze, petting all the different yarns. In theory I had a shopping list, with some ideas of what I wanted to look out for, but somehow, I forgot about it whenever I entered a yarn store during the trip. In the end I bought the softest yarn I’ve ever touched in my life. A skein of Woolfolk SNO.

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