US-Road Trip Part II: Sustainability, Yarn and Meow Wolf

Santa Fe (NM), was one of the few stops on our trip, where I had visited before. And I was really looking forward to it. We then of course arrived for the one week-end in June, where they had a lot of rain and thunder storms. Not that I mind that kind of weather, but I didn’t expect it in New Mexico in summer. It did help to cool temperatures a little though, and as amongst other things I had planned a yarn shop visit, this was fine by me.

While I enjoyed a visit to the historic town center, with its galleries and the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, it was just really touristy. I preferred by far the region more to the south where we were staying. There was a lot of artsy, creative stuff going on.

Hyperclash is a shop for women’s clothing, with a focus on sustainability and ecology. The clothes and accessories are made from reclaimed and repurposed materials. There were a lot of linen dresses, silk blouses, silk scarfs… And the owner is amazing. She was so lovely and knew the origins and makers behind every item in the shop.
The boutique is surrounded by other small, independent shops. Sadly, they weren’t open anymore, by the time we finally exited Hyperclash. The glimpses through the windows were really enticing though.

Now for the Yarn 🙂 Having done some research beforehand, I knew that I wanted to stop at “Yarn and Coffee” and I was not disappointed. Another small, but very well curated shop. The organization of the shop was logical to my mind, and so I found my marks quickly. The yarns were separated by weights, as well as by fiber content. There was a special wall for summer yarns, with all the linen, cotton and silk beauties. And while there were some big brand names, I know from home, there was also a lot of American and local wool. After a lot of deliberation, I ended up with a sweaters quantity of Plymouth Yarn and my mum with some hand-painted silk yarn for a summer blouse. And as the name implies, the non-yarny people in our party, were able to have a cup of coffee in the meantime 😉

If there is one place I would recommend visiting, besides the Yarn shop of course, it is Meow Wolf Santa Fe! I’ve never seen anything quite like it. It is a kind of interactive art experience, a playground for kids and adults alike, but also a haunted house with a mystery to solve, and a labyrinth of inspiration, creativity and surprises. Really, you have to see it to get it! And even then, you could go back time and time again and always discover new things. Not that this comes as a surprise, when you know that the people behind it are a group of local artists and a certain George R.R. Martin.

One thing I have on my list for next time, is to go watch a performance at the outdoor opera house. This time there was nothing on, the days we were in Santa Fe and the weather wasn’t ideal anyway. But I love the idea.

See you soon for the next part of the journey

XX Tina

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