US-Road Trip Part III: I want to move to Denver

A town with a lively start-up culture, invested in sustainability, Rocky Mountains National Park at its door step. That’s all good and well, but really, I want to move to Denver to have Fancy Tiger Crafts as my local yarn store.

Of all the yarn stores I had the opportunity to visit on this trip, this was the one I felt most at home in. It’s the kind of store I can see myself dropping in to get inspiration for a project, were I can see myself taking a class, where I can see myself spending an afternoon knitting. A place to meet likeminded people and work on a handmade wardrobe together.

Living in a place where yarn stores are far and wide apart and knitting and making is only just slowly getting back into people’s lives, Fancy Tiger Crafts felt like heaven.
I knit alone and with friends, go out of my way to visit yarn stores, attend fiber festivals, watch and read all kinds of fiber and making related things, but it just isn’t the same. There isn’t this one place I can go, whenever I feel like it. It always takes organizing and planning to be able to immerse myself in the knitting community.

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