I’m going on a Trip :)

Not long to go now. In a little over a month I will step onto a plane that will take me once around the world. To visit friends, learn new, mainly textile related skills and off course buy some yarn.

The trip will take me from Québec to the US, through South America, all around New Zealand and Japan, to Capetown and Iceland. Everywhere I go, I aim to get in contact with local Fibre Artists and Crafters to learn from them and get to know more about their (fibre-) culture. And then little by little integrating these different skills and aesthetics into my own crafting and thereby into my wardrobe and home.

The idea for this trip has been at the back of my mind for a while. Partly inspired by curiosity to learn as much as possible about the textile and fibre crafts I enjoy. And partly by the feeling, that the online fibre arts community can feel a lot like an echo chamber, where everyone is using the same yarns to knit the same patterns and watching the same podcasts. So, this trip is my way to step outside my comfort zone, to widen my fibre horizon, connect with artists and artisans all over the world and bring you along with me.

This blog, as well as my Instagram and a video journal on YouTube, will serve as a log of what I experience and learn on the trip, the things I create, the people I meet, the books I read and the Questions I ask myself. In the hope that you can learn and be inspired alongside me.