So, you’re going on a year long holiday?

Well, I suppose it depends on your definition of holiday, though personally I prefer to call it a trip or a sabbatical. While I won’t go to work and won’t have a permanent address, I will not spend my days in bed or on the beach either (at least not for most of the time;).

I have set myself several goals for this year:

–          Search out learning opportunities connected to the fibre arts in the different places I visit, and document my experiences in photo, video and text.

–          Develop a good base in a new to me language (Spanish) and learn some basic Japanese to be able to get around the country

–          Write and publish a series of knitting patterns, inspired by the places I visit, people I meet and skills I learn

Knowing myself, these goals will probably be adapted and changed as the year progresses. The idea of a trip like this, is after all to step out of daily life, to grow and develop personally as well as in my crafting and creativity. I definitively don’t want to waste this huge opportunity to be able to set my own schedule and priorities and be able to explore whatever craft or topic picks my interest, and just see where it’ll lead me.

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Knitter - Maker - Traveller

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