Why I knit

Having grown up with a mum, who does a lot of fibre arts, especially sewing, I was always aware, of how clothes are made. And I had the possibility to choose the patterns and fabrics I wanted to feature in my wardrobe. So, one of the reasons I knit, is to have bespoke sweaters and cardigans, that correspond exactly to what I have in mind and go perfectly with the other items in my wardrobe. 

About three years ago, when I got seriously into knitting, I mainly chose yarn for its colour (haven’t we all been there?). And while colour is still crucial to me now, I’m also more and more aware of the importance of origin, fibre content and durability of the yarns I knit with. The simple act of making something slowly, by hand, with materials I know the origin of, is in such a stark contrast with the methods of the (fast) fashion industry today. So, my knitting is a sign of protest against consumerism and the throw-away society.

Me knitting, is such a good conversation starter as well. People tend to be curious about what I’m making and eager to tell me stories about their connection to knitting. There seems to be a deeply rooted link between us humans and the traditions and craft of knitting. Everyone has some kind of connection to it. Be it a souvenir of scratchy socks as a child, a mum, grandma or girlfriend that is/was knitting, a news piece about knitting getting back in fashion, or of course them being fellow knitters themselves.

The best thing about yarn festivals, is that all you have to do is ask the person in front of you about what they’re wearing, and you made a new friend. I love the knitting community!

For about a year now, I also knit as therapy. I use knitting to decompress, to deal with problems, to stay in the present moment, to help me think. The fact of touching yarn and moving my hands, seems to help me get out of a rut and move forward. When I start a knitting project, new ideas come into my mind and they slowly mature, in sync with the knitting, growing and taking shape. And even after the project is finished, the ideas linger and come to the forefront, whenever I wear that specific garment.

By now I simply can’t imagine my life without Knitting. Quite on the contrary, I feel like I don’t have enough time to dedicate to my knitting and learning about it.

Published by Tina

Knitter - Maker - Traveller

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