(Yarn) Festival Essentials

With it being prime festival season, and my visit to Rhinebeck coming up, I wanted to take the time, to write down a little guide for when it comes to attending yarn festivals. As a reminder to myself, an introduction for first timers and as a suggestion for everyone else.

Essentials to bring along to your next Yarn Festival Visit:

  • Your proudest knits
    proudly wear your favorite makes and be prepared to talk about them to everyone who asks about them. And don’t forget to ask others about what they are wearing or what they are buying
  •  A shopping list
    You won’t need to have a list of the exact skeins of yarn you want to buy, but having some patterns and colors in mind, definitively helps. It is also a good idea to know, how you react when overwhelmed. Do you freeze and don’t buy anything, or do you go into a spending frenzy?
  • A big bag
    to be able to carry around all your new goodies
  • Snacks / Energy bar
    Don’t forget to eat, and make sure you have some emergency snacks with you. Being well rested and well fed, makes it less likely to get overwhelmed and allows to still have energy left in the evening for knitting with all your new friends
  • Vacuum pack bags
    to be sure everything fit into your luggage on the way back home. Really, knitting festivals should offer vacuum packing at the exit, that would be amazing service 😉

There you go! I hope that helps and makes your next yarn festival an amazing experience.

Published by Tina

Knitter - Maker - Traveller

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