Three Books on Visual Skills

I don’t know why, but I tend to read books in groups of three. This can be in form of a book series, but also just three books by the same author or with a similar subject / theme. Especially when it comes to non-fiction, it helps me to better understand a subject, see it from different angles and make connections between ideas.

Inspired by a visit to Fondation Beyeler in Basel yesterday, I’ve taken the three following books from my shelf to read and ponder over the next few weeks.

  • “What are you looking at – 150 years of Modern Art in the blink of an eye” by Will Gompertz
  • “Visual Intelligence – Sharpen Your Perception, Change Your Life” by Amy E. Herman
  • “Aesthetic Intelligence – How to Boost It and Use It in Business and Beyond” by Pauline Brown

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