Learn and Grow as a Crafter

When I started knitting about 4-5 years ago, I struggled to progress with the craft. I wanted to learn everything and make beautiful projects, like the ones I saw all over the internet, but my reality wasn’t always able to keep up.
With lots of people having taken up new craft during lockdown, I thought it might be interesting, to share how I managed to turn knitting into a habit. As well as grow as a maker and person in the process.

Consistency: practice your craft on a regular basis on your own and/or with friends.

While I knit daily on my own, I also started a weekly Knit-Night with some friends. For about a year, it was just 2-4 of us, meeting at a coffee shop and knitting together for an hour or two. By now it has grown to 5-8 people, who come together to craft and talk weekly.

Inspiration & Community: interact with and get inspired by fellow crafters

Practising a craft is way more fun, when you get a regular dose of inspiration. When you see, what others are working on and what different techniques and materials there are, when you see all the things there are to explore and try.
Instagram, Blogs and Pinterest are goods ones to look around for Inspiration. And I’m sure there are specific sites, as well as meet-up for your chosen craft.
For Knitters, there is an online platform called Raverly as well as a whole selection on Fibre and Yarn Festivals and Fairs all over the World.

Learning: never stop learning new (and old) techniques and ways of doing things

In every craft, there are many different techniques, that have evolved and been built upon over the years. So, don’t stop at the basics. With every technique you learn, you multiply the options you have.
What works best for me, is a mix of Books, Online Classes and in person Workshops, mixed with experimenting on my own. But you probably know best, how you learn and grow.

So, what craft or skill, do you plan to master next?

Published by Tina

Knitter - Maker - Traveller

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