Pantone Colors over the Years

Who isn’t familiar with Pantones Color of the Year? But do you still remember last years colour? The one from 5 years ago, 20 years ago?
Personally, I tend to remember the ones that reflect my favorite colors, like Ultra Violet (2018) or Rose Quartz (2016), as well as the more controversial ones like for example Marsala (2015).

I thought it would be interesting to compile all the colors from the last 20 years, and by organising them in different ways, see if any kind of pattern or bigger trend emerges.

pastel vs bright

One thing that is easily visible, is the dominance of bright colours, compared to pastels.
In use there can be declinations of each colour of course, but in terms of the actual, named colours there are very few pastels.

warm vs cold

In terms of warm and cold tones, the colours are pretty balanced. One thing that is interesting in this graphic, is the fact that the chosen colours tend to be complex ones. Primary and secondary colours feature sparingly.

2000-2009 vs 2010-2019

At a first glance, the two groups look very different. But when one takes a closer look, there are several similarities. The first four colours of each decade for example, echo each other clearly. And the colour for 2020 is a blue as well. So might we expect something between an old rose and a blush for next year?

So, what is your prediction for the Color of the year 2021?

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