Pantone Colors over the Years

Who isn’t familiar with Pantones Color of the Year? But do you still remember last years colour? The one from 5 years ago, 20 years ago? Personally, I tend to remember the ones that reflect my favorite colors, like Ultra Violet (2018) or Rose Quartz (2016), as well as the more controversial ones like forContinue reading “Pantone Colors over the Years”

Learn and Grow as a Crafter

When I started knitting about 4-5 years ago, I struggled to progress with the craft. I wanted to learn everything and make beautiful projects, like the ones I saw all over the internet, but my reality wasn’t always able to keep up.With lots of people having taken up new craft during lockdown, I thought itContinue reading “Learn and Grow as a Crafter”

Evaluating Natural Dyes

Interested in natural dying? Not all (natural) dyes are created equal. There are reasons, why over the centuries, some dyes have been favoured over others. Traditionally the quality of dyes is judged along the following criteria: Colour Fastness to rubbing: the blue hands or legs you get from a new pair of Jeans? That’s theContinue reading “Evaluating Natural Dyes”