Know Your Maori Weaving

Got this little Booklet at the “Te Papa” Museum in Wellington.
It shows and explains the different plants and techniques, the Maori use in weaving. And there are step-by-step instructions, to make a selection of traditional projects.

While I do appreciate the inclusion of plant-woven Headbands and Skirts, personally I’m all about the baskets. Baskets are timeless and fit well with my western home and lifestyle.
I should be able to get at least some of the traditional materials shown, here in Europe, though I really like the idea of taking these traditional techniques and interpreting them with different materials. I’m thinking strips of cork or SnapPap. Or maybe a Picnic-Blanket woven with strips of Oilskin or Waxed Cotton.

Tukutuku Motifs – New Zealand Māori Arts and Crafts Institute – Te Puia – Rotorua

Another kind of Project from the booklet, I find intriguing, are the “Tukutuku Wall Panels and Screens”. I’ve seen a wide variety of those kinds of panels while in New Zealand, but am not sure about how to fit them into my home. Might at some point experiment with different materials and colours, to create my own panels, inspired by this traditional Maori technique.

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